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Description of English 3 -- From the U.C. Davis Course Catalog

Introduction to Shakespeare -- Written by Ian Johnston

Introduction to Hamlet -- Written by Ian Johnston

Introduction to Literary Studies -- Written by Norton Publishing

Hamlet Essay Assignment -- Written by Andy Jones


Individual Class Sessions

  Alternative Means of Organizing the Resources

First Class - Introductions   Explanatory Grid of Each Day's Activities  
Second Class - Learning the Characters   All the Classes on One Page  
Third Class - Shakespeare's Language   List of Hamlet Resources Used  
Fourth Class - Rising Action and Conflict   List of Rhetorical/ Writing Resources Used  
Fifth Class - The Play's Conclusions   The Shakespeare Resource Center  
Sixth Class - The Context of Hamlet   Hamlet, the Play in its Entirety (Hypertext)  
Seventh Class - Wrapping Up   Hamlet, Acts I, II, III, IV, V  


Instructor Resources

("A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Hamlet")

("Shakespeare for Teachers and Students")



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